Nepal Art Now at Welt Museum

NEPAL ART NOW at WELT MUSEUM, VIENNA 11 April – 05 November, 2019

This exhibition will be the first major exhibition outside of Nepal, with such a large body of artworks solely by Nepalese contemporary artists. The project was conceived in 2016, while Dr Dina Bangdel was with us. NEPAL ART NOW is curated by Dr.Christian Shicklgruber with Swosti Rajbhandari Kayastha from the Council as co-curator. Mr. Sagar SJB Rana, Vice-President is the coordinator on behalf of the Council.

Original art works by the premier artists dating from the 1950s, the senior and the young emerging artists of today will compliment and enrich the collection: some of the art works are commissioned especially for this exhibition and others borrowed from collectors and the artists directly. The art works are embedded in the culture and traditions of Nepal but also discuss and probe into current international issues and social concerns — giving them a global dimension.

The main body of the art works will be the paintings. However, some outstanding sculptures and a few representative pieces of metal, wooden and stone art will also be exhibited with a view to demonstrate and inform the art community and visitors that these genre of art forms occupy equally important and

A pre-show exhibition was held at Nepal Art Council 13-21 December 2018. It received appreciation from almost 200 visitors each day.

List of Artists and Collectors


  1. Ajit Sah
  2. Ang Tsherin
  3. Anil Shahi
  4. Asha Dangol
  5. Ashmina Ranjit
  6. Birendra Pratap
  7. Chandra Shyam Dongol
  8. Erina Tamrakar
  9. Gopal Das Shrestha
  10. Hitman Gurung
  11. Kabi Raj Lama
  12. Kiran Manandhar
  13. Koshal Hamal
  14. Lain Singh Bangdel
  15. Lacchiman Maharjan
  16. Laxman Shrestha
  17. Lok Chitrakar
  18. Manish Harijan
  19. Manuj Babu Mishra
  20. Mekh Limbu
  21. Mukti Singh Thapa
  22. Pramila Giri
  23. Rabindra Shakya
  24. Ragini Upadhyay Grela
  25. Rajan Shakya
  26. Samundra Man Singh Shrestha
  27. Sanjeev Maharjan
  28. Sashi Bikram Shah
  29. Seema Sharma
  30. Sheelasha Rajbhandari
  31. Siddhi Muni Shakya
  32. Subodh Chandra Suman
  33. Sunil Sigdel
  34. Sunita Maharjan
  35. Surendra Man Shakya
  36. Udaya Charan Shrestha
  37. Uma Shankar Shah


  1. Anjana & Purna Shakya
  2. Bibhakar Shakya
  3. Birendra Shahi
  4. Bodhisattva Gallery
  5. Prithivi Bahadur Pande

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Photo Credit : Kiran Man Chitrakar and Kailash Shrestha  (Artudio)


Pre-show exhibition at Nepal Art Council