DETIES OF NEPAL II, 21 May – 10 June, 2024

DEITIES of NEPAL II was a premier thematic exhibition created as a sequel to our mega exhibition Deities of Nepal I (Oct – Nov 2022). Organized by Nepal Art Council and Nepal Handicraft Associations of Nepal, this exhibition showcased various Nepali artist’s creations of gods and their abodes. This exhibition was made up of folk, tradition, and contemporary artworks and sculptures from all over the country.

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BIHAR MUSEUM BEINNALE, 07 August – 08 October, 2023

Bihar Museum Biennale features an International Contemporary Art exhibition Together We Art as a part of the G20 initiative where India holds the Presidency for the year 2023. Nepal Art Council is honored to be invited as a guest country and offered a gallery space of near 4,000 sq ft. The Biennale is based on the theme of Vasudhaiva Kutumbhakam (The World Is One Family”) a concept from the Maha Upanishad. The exhibition is running two months, from 7th August to 8th October 2023.

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Nepal Art Council

  • Established in 1962, Nepal Art Council is a leading non-profit organization focused on promoting arts and artists of Nepal.
  • Spread over an expansive 28,423 sq. ft, NAC provides the finest and most central state-of-the-art gallery space in Kathmandu today.
  • By pioneering the nurturing of artistic talent for over half a century; the Nepal Art Council has played a pivotal role in helping a new generation of contemporary Nepalese artists working in various genres, to emerge and attain the level of excellence we witness today.

Outline of Exhibition Deities of Nepal -II

Nepal Art Council (NAC) is organizing a mega-exhibition on the principal theme of Deities of Nepal -II, this time with a broader range to also include temples and viharas (monasteries) of Nepal.

Tentative date: April- May 2024
Venue: Nepal Art Council

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Call for Applications Celebrating 50 Years of EU-Nepal Friendship Through Photography

The EU Delegation to Nepal, in collaboration with the Nepal Arts Council, invites professional photographers to participate in a photography competition celebrating 50 years of friendship between the European Union and Nepal. This event seeks to highlight the rich cultural exchange and enduring friendship between Europe and Nepal through the lens of photography.

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NAC in India Art Fair 2018

Nepal Art Council (NAC) at Kathmandu, Nepal announces its third participation at India Art Fair 2018, 9-12 February 2018. The Nepal Art Council at India Art Fair builds on the successes of past editions of each...


Glimpses of NAC

Bagmati Art Gallery